Join the ganja movement.

Invest at the ground floor of the blossoming cannabis e-commerce economy.

Ganja Legacy will be opening its doors to receive seed investment. We will actively seek mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with accredited investors that will blast our companies off into this new era of legalized cannabis distribution.

With worldwide brand recognition and an array of established partnerships, is on track to become one of the most dominant and valuable players in the cannabis industry.

In designing our web and blockchain applications, an extraordinary emphasis has been placed on user security, utilisation of blockchain payment solutions, and core integration of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Most of our payments will be handled by the Bitcoin Lightning Network for extremely fast, cheap, and eco-friendly processing. In 2024, there are also plans to fully integrate our GNJ Token into not only our real systems but also into the Metaverse. Also, there are some very cool Ganja Skull NFT’s on their way. Join us!

Ganja Token

With the US cannabis industry surpassing $18 billion in sales this year alone, projections are on track to increase by several multiples as legal barriers continue to erode away. World-wide cannabis sales in both legal and illicit markets are estimated to be a combined $344 Billion US Dollars this year.

After years of programming and development, we are excited to share this investment opportunity to strategically position ourselves atop this blossoming industry. For investor inquiries from accredited investors only, please Contact Us and a representative will reach out to you and start a conversation.

Ganja Tokens

    Founded in 1997, has become one of the most trusted and recognizable global brands in the cannabis industry. We are striving to become an infrastructural leader in the online cannabis distribution industry.

    We believe it’s a human right that everyone should have access to safe and legal cannabis worldwide. Ever since we registered and trademarked the name, has relentlessly worked to advocate for the complete federal legalization of cannabis and the social equity that surrounds it.

    With millions of supporters around the world and unparalleled brand recognition, is well positioned to capitalize on the rapidly expanding legalization of cannabis. is actively looking for brand representation and an army of influencers to help bring awareness to our platforms. If you think that you, or your business can compliment our vision of supplying the free world with legal and safe cannabis, please Contact Us! We’d love to hear from you.

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