• Veritas – Cookies N Cream – Indica 3.5g

    STARFIGHTER x GIRL SCOUT COOKIES Cookies N Cream PAIRS WELL WITH AN ICE CREAM DATE. REJUVENATE refreshing blissful enlightened About Veritas Fine Cannabis For us, cannabis is personal. Most of us, and many of you reading this, have a reason we are looking to bring cannabis into our lives. At Veritas, we want to make sure every consumer can find the strain best suited for them, every time. Terpenes are organic compounds, responsible for the scent of many plants. They are also the single most important factor in determining how cannabis will affect a person. We focus on understanding the terpenes found in each of our strains, and we cultivate to maximize their presence in our flower. We have one goal; quality over everything. We offer the most consistent, terpene rich flower on the market and pride ourselves on the unique, labor intensive processes behind our cultivation. From seed to sale, the entire process is completed by hand. From the garden to the packaging room, every step has been designed to ensure the freshest, cleanest premium flower experience in the country. It doesn’t matter if you are new to cannabis or a connoisseur who has used the plant for years, we welcome you and are here to help. #InCannabisVeritas

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