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A message from Mike, the founder of Seven Points.  

Having lived in Southern California, a mecca for the active lifestyle for most of my life, I have been able to participate in all sorts of great outdoor activities cycling (road & mountain) as well as golf, kite surfing, snow boarding and even ice hockey.  As we all know, these activities lead to sports related injuries and I’ve had more than my fair share.  For decades, I was a total “normie” and treated most injuries with over the counter products like ibuprofen or acetaminophen (NSAIDS) and when the pain went away, I stopped using them.  When I learned that these products were likely the cause of  some nasty side effects I had been experiencing, like nausea, night sweats & dizziness. It doesn’t stop there, I learned about other possible side effects like swelling of the throat, tongue, lips etc.  Honestly, Inflammation is a root cause of most pain and the thought of using a product where I traded one problem for another didn’t seem like the best solution.  Adding this to the fact that over the counter pain killers can potentially cause real damage to vital body organs, I decided, enough is enough, that’s when I started looking into alternative solutions and discovered CBD.

My first few experiences with CBD were to help with recovery from minor Mtn Bike accidents.  I took whatever CBD I could find and usually thought it was helpful with the recovery process but sometimes I’d get one that didn’t work so great. When I was better, I stopped and I honestly felt that CBD was pretty effective.  Then came a pretty bad crash, over the bar special with a double pogo on the head with a back slam finish. I was dealing a lot of neck & back pain which took over 6 weeks to recover from.  I used oral and topical CBD 2 to 3 times a day for the entire period.  Then like most people, when I felt better, I stopped using it.  That’s when I had the “Ah-Haaa” moment and the upside of long term daily CBD use became apparent.  I was certain that the benefits had come from CBD because I’m very aware of what I put in my body and the only change I made was to replace my over the counter pain products with CBD. I suppose this makes me a bit of a scientist at heart.  The problem was that the “side” benefits happened so gradually, I didn’t notice them until I stopped using CBD, then, the “drop off” was almost immediate.  I noticed my sleep quality diminished, the sensation of daily stress started mounting again, my focus was not as sharp as it had been when taking CBD on a regular basis.  On top of this, some old injury sites were flaring up again. Unfortunately, there was still one problem.  I had used several brands with varying levels of success. The other factor was that many brands were not clearly labeled, they used terms like “botanicals” or “hemp extract” and in some cases, they were unclear or misleading about the CBD content.  The fact that many brands did not post complete lab reports made me suspicious that they might not have as much CBD in the product as they claimed and perhaps the product was not as pure as it could be. Another problem was that I was never sure if I was taking too much or too little. I also started paying attention to the ingredient labels and noticed that a lot of CBD products used artificial flavor, color and sweeteners which, in my mind, could be neutralizing the positive benefits of CBD.   What I really wanted was a CBD product I knew I could rely on, something simple, with natural and organic ingredients.  I had done a lot of research on CBD and understood how it enhances the bodies Endocannabinoid System to promote natural homeostasis (a state of balance) and overall health.  That’s when I decided that I had create a brand to address these issues.  Knowing I couldn’t  be the only one facing these issues and knowing I could not afford to wait for someone else to do it for me, I made the decision to put my money where my mouth was.  This is the moment Seven Points, a brand focused on purity, potency, effectiveness and transparency was born. Let’s dive into these cornerstones one by one.


Here at Seven Points, we consider ourselves CBD purists. This means we keep the ingredient list as short as possible and source only the best ingredients available.  On top of that, we always use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available.  For example, our tinctures and gelcaps contain 2 simple ingredients, cold pressed organic hempseed oil and full spectrum extract.  No flavor additives or artificial ingredients needed, just the pure natural goodness straight from mother nature to you.  Our Zen Bites gummies are another great example. In addition to being vegan and 100% TCH free. Our gummies contain no harmful artificial flavor or color. Honestly, what’s the point of taking a CBD gummy that does as much harm as good?


Take a look at our product offerings and one thing becomes evident, all Seven Points products pack a punch. Our body balms are a greta example. We pack as much as 1,000mg of CBD per jar in our full size balms.  Compare this to similar products with as little as 50mg at a similar price.  Can you believe that? In my book, its outrageous to charge that much money for 5% of what we include. If you didn’t realize it by now, it should be clear to to you that Seven Points is not playing games with potency.  This is true for everything we make, from tinctures to gummies, all Seven Points products have an impactful amount of CBD and are designed to make a difference in your wellness journey.


A great segue from potency is effectiveness. Let’s be honest, no one is going to continue to buy a product if it doesn’t work.  We have countless customers that have purchased products from us well over 30 times.  Considering we have been in business for just over 4 years, we take this as the highest form of complement and see it as a great track record.  Better yet, just read some of our reviews and you’ll understand just how well Seven Points works.  No matter what your reason is, its safe to say that Seven Points will enhance your wellness.


The term transparency is thrown around a lot these days, but for us it has two distinct meanings.  First, we believe in transparency and clarity ion our product labels.  That’s why whether its by the drop, pill, gummy or jar,  every Seven Points product is clearly labeled with its CBD content. We also don’t play word games with terms like “botanicals” or “extract” that leave consumers guessing or having to connect the dots. We label all Seven Points products clearly so you know exactly what you are getting.  Then we back it up with  3rd party lab tests.  Many companies will claim they are “fully” tested but when you look closely, they only run potency tests to show the CBD is really there.  We do it a little better.  We run a full 3rd party lab analysis on every batch of product.  We test every batch for CBD content (potency), residual solvents, microbial, mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals.  Lets break these down:

The potency test is run to validate that the labeled amount of CBD is actually in the product.  This way you know exactly how much CBD is in your favorite Seven Points product.  If the batch doesn’t test at or slightly above the labeled value, we re-formulate.  No shortcuts here.

Solvents are used in the extraction process to separate the CBD from the hemp flower and aerial plant parts. The process results in a honey like substance we call extract.  We prefer to use extract made using the ethanol extraction process because it creates an extract with a high CBD content and preserves the full bouquet of the original plant.  While this sounds a little industrial, remember that ethanol is nothing more than pure, food grade, alcohol (like moonshine, only cleaner).  We test our products to be sure that all of the solvent has been removed by evaporation so it doesn’t impact the flavor or purity of our products.

Microbial is basically a fancy word for bacteria.  We’re pretty sure no one wants that in a products intended to improve overall health & well being.  That’s why every batch is tested for microbials so you can be sure your Seven Points product is 100% clean & bacteria free.

Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by fungus.  Just like microbials, they have no place in our product. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and every batch of every product is fully tested. Just another way we go the extra mile to insure purity for our customers.

Pesticides are everywhere, even organic farms can have trace pesticides in the soil if it was used by a non organic farmer in the past. Your health is important to us and that’s why we test for 66 types of pesticides to be sure none of this nasty stuff ends up in our products and more importantly, in your body.

The final test we run is for heavy metals.  Things like lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury can cause havoc to the human body and brain.  Our goal is to enhance your overall health and well being and provide our customers with pure products. We do all this work so you can have the very finest CBD products available.