Press Releases launches the “Ganja Token (GNJ)” ICO


The Green Rush is Coming

Cannabis has been a hot button political issue with lawmakers constantly debating what full blown legalization might look like in North America.  Selected legal U.S. states have paved the way as examples of how legalization can generate tremendous benefits for surrounding communities. The regulation model has proven itself over time and there’s no doubt that full legalization is inevitable. Even Canada is tentatively set to fully legalize cannabis in the summer of 2018. The jury’s in: ganja is good. As a result, the cannabis industry is on the verge of experiencing unprecedented explosive growth.


The Banking Problem

One of the major problems facing cannabis entrepreneurs is finding cashless payment solutions. Banks are private centralized entities and are highly regulated by the government. For example, a very successful cannabis business based in Colorado, USA (where ganja is state-legal), will have an impossible time finding business banking solutions due to conflicts with federal law (where ganja is still illegal).

Most big banks refuse to acknowledge cannabis businesses as legitimate enterprises – effectively blocking them from using their established payment systems and deeming them “high risk” or bad actors. Businesses are then forced into dealing with intermediary credit unions or middle men with inflated processing fees. The result of this governmental dissonance is piles of cash lying around that business owners have a hard time managing securely. Luckily the advent of cryptocurrency will forever alter how money changes hands in the cannabis world.


A Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale Solution

Enter Ethereum blockchain technology. Decentralized blockchain applications are the logical choice for businesses involved in the cannabis industry. There is a clear need for secure, censorship-resistant and transparent exchange platforms for both cannabis users and cannabis vendors. The implementation of a blockchain-enabled point-of-sale solution will ensure that cannabis transactions are processed swiftly, securely, and from any device with an internet connection. has already developed multiple testnet decentralized applications (dAPPs) that may just turn out to be the future foundation of how all cannabis products are distributed both P2P and B2B.  Cannabis Provenance, Procurement and Loyalty are the colossal problems that’s blockchain solutions solve handily. Market

The Market is set to become be the, “ of the ganja industry”. Being first to market and bearing one of the most recognizable names in the industry, is believed to become one of the largest online marketplaces where any ganjapreneur will both buy cannabis directly and list their cannabis-related items for sale. Similar to, Customers will have the option to anonymously purchase products from multiple vendors in a singular streamlined checkout process. At checkout, products from different Sellers are divided into multiple carts and the customer then chooses when to checkout in any of the carts at their discretion. Sellers have the option to accept any cryptocurrency as payment (including Ganja Tokens, which come with additional loyalty perks when spent). Both users and vendors will be incentivised to use Ganja (GNJ) Tokens in various ways. For example, a Seller may offer their customers a loyalty program and offer a percentage of GNJ tokens as rewards for purchasing their products. Blockchain transactions combined with a seller feedback system will ensure the safest and securest way to transact cannabis online.

Visit the ALPHA version of’s MARKET here: Maps


For several years, has been hard at work populating its MAPS database with every cannabis establishment on the planet. Because not all cannabis businesses share the same business model, the MAPS platform is adaptable and will offer varying monthly packages to cater to every business – paid for in GNJ. Higher priced options will provide more listing features and perks like prioritized listings and more category placements. Users will be able to make use of their GNJ tokens in various ways, such as boosting the exposure of their listings or subsidizing the purchase of multiple listings. Featured or “Best Rated” boosted listings will also have the benefit of displaying larger icons on the map so they are more visible to users. Featured listings always appear at the top of search results. Maps users can also list their Market items for sale on their Maps listing as a way to promote their products and accept GNJ tokens in their own custom loyalty programs.

Visit the BETA version of’s MAPS here:


One Card to Rule Them All

In addition to the perks that have built into the Ganja (GNJ) Token, they have included a VIP “Platinum Club” program to users who hold or have held 10,000 or more GNJ at one time. The program includes GNJ purchase bonuses, an increased referral bonus, a membership card that never expires, and product discounts at a growing list of participating cannabis dispensaries/vendors. New vendors will continue to be added to the VIP list with new deals and discounts.

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